Vecchia idea:Ritratto dell'artista
Vecchia idea:Lo Studio
Beyond Picasso Watercolors
Pink Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas:Interior View
Palo Alto:Motel:Exterior View
Nothing Material -An Exhibition in Indefinite Delay #1
Obsession for Men
Beyond Artists' Watercolors
Vecchia idea: Autoritratto nel Profilo
Portrait of Jessica Whitesel
Vecchia Idea: Autoritratto (Vista Laterale)
Problem of Picasso: Seated Woman #88
The Source (after Courbet)
Just What Is It? #3
Just What Is It? #5
Leda & the Swan Vesta
Johann Sebastian Bach
Head Study (After Leonardo da Vinci)
Agrarian Landscape
Apple Newton Messagepad 'Drawing' #1
Pas sur la Bouche
The Bridge
Portrait of Will Self as a Young Man