Picasso Problem ('L'image') (Digital Facsimile)
LifeDesign:Marie Elisabeth Real Portuguese Sardines (Digital Facsimile)
Beyond Artists’ Materials:Pulled Paper, & the Transition to Chance / De-Lineal / BOSS, 1988 - 1992 (Digital Facsimile)
Absente (Digital Facsimile)
Discoveries of Criticism #16 & #17 (Woodland Flowers) (Digital Facsimile)
Sketchbook 1991 # 1 (Digital Facsimile)
Parfumerie Fudge Artists' Watercolors Eight Box Sets (Digital Facsimile)
L'Immortelle (Digital Facsimile)
Just What Is It? (Digital Facsimile)
Ineluctable Modality of the Visible (Digital Facsimile)
Deep Ocean Wallpaper for Aubrey Beardsley (Digital Facsimile)
Jeune Mariée (Digital Facsimile)
Minerva Protecting Peace from Mars (after Rubens) (Digital Facsimile)
La Voie Lactée (Digital Facsimile)
Pas sur la Bouche (Digital Facsimile)
Le Bain (Digital Facsimile)