Solo exhibition

Thu, 16 June 2016 - Sat, 9 July 2016Fitzrovia Gallery, London

Reality Drive:Escape Velocity presents a selection of Fudge’s ‘hyperreal paintings’ created during his years of travelling across America. In each of the works, Fudge explores imaging as the ‘desertification’ of modernity’s image (what Baudrillard refers to as the ‘Vanishing Point’ of [digital] simulacra).

Fudge's 'hyperreal paintings' are both an image of the past and the future. As writer and curator An Paenhuysen has remarked on Fudge’s work: ‘In the 1990s Fudge started off by thinking about the Internet in a 2010’s post-internet kind of way. But in the 2010’s this same work is also an exploration of the media archeology of the 1990s.’ This statement reveals the complex parallax realities of each work, the paintings are created on abandonware but speak about an unknown futurepast.

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Select works from the exhibition