Nick Fudge & Phil King

Sat, 5 Sep 2015 - Fri, 16 Oct 2015​
Observer Arts, Observer Building, Hastings
Nick Fudge featured in SLEEK Magazine

Bringing together two painters who have steadily worked through the coming of the Personal Computer age 'Obscured By Clouds’ explores the unresolvable clash between the analogue and digital realms. Together, King and Fudge frame a site specific exhibition of their respective works which allegorise the crash-site of the contemporary metamodern, framed by the graffitied derelict grandeur of the Observer Building.

Nicholas Fudge installs a series of paintings, digital prints, sculptures and time-based digital works. His work investigates modernism and postModernism through rethinking the languages and applications of cubism, abstraction, minimalism, conceptualism, détournement, appropriation, site-specificity and corporate identity. Through his work Fudge creates both analogue and digital ‘augmented’ spaces analogous to the computer GUI (graphical user interface) - the ‘installation’ itself enacting a processual interface between modern and postModern.

Nicholas Fudge graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1988. Having notoriously destroyed most of his work on the eve of his degree show he immediately took a job on the London Underground (in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp) and in preference to establishing an art career. After three months of working for the London Underground he left for the USA. Over the next two decades Fudge strategised alternatives to the standardized practice of exhibition (with one exception – a Michael Landy curated group exhibition at Karsten Schubert in 1992).

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Installation views

Phil King shows a number of collections from the body of his work... divided into interrelating sets. The work assembles collections of unlikely re/painted, re/appropriated and sometimes found ‘masterpieces’ and calls up, amongst other dated fantasies, comprehensive realms of arcadian, hallucinatory appearance. These assembled collections, installed museologically, question the nature of originality and identity in art through the work of a grounded materiality.

After graduating in 1987 from Bath Academy of Art Phil King finished his MA at Goldsmiths in 1993 and has recently returned from California. Both artists live and work in St Leonard’s on Sea.