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After graduating from Goldsmiths in 1988, Nick Fudge went 'underground' - in Duchampian terms - strategically withdrawing from the London art scene of college friends to make work in secret. In a symbolic gesture of indifference Fudge took a job on the London Underground in preference to working as a studio-based artist. In December of the same year, Fudge then relocated to America and it was there, on the road with the American poet Tracy Angel that he first strategised making work in indefinite states of 'delay'.
On the road - America - Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard.
In 2015, Fudge chose to start exhibiting his work again and for the two-person exhibition Obscured by Clouds (with Phil King) Fudge selected works from a personal archive of works produced over a twenty-five year period.